Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On Growing a Human

Over the weekend I had coffee with a friend and discovered that she was also pregnant, and in fact, due the same time as I am.  As she was telling me about her mood swings and achy body I thought, "Man, I have nothing like this going on.  Maybe I'm not really pregnant!"

If I was in doubt then, I'm not at all doubting now.  My breasts hurt all the time, I'm exhausted and unmotivated, I almost passed out in the shower yesterday morning, and all night my ribs ached as though I'd been in a fight with Jet Li.  How do people do this?  How does that reality TV lady with 20 kids do this??  From what I've read on the internet I can only expect more discomfort, followed by a marathon session of extreme pain, followed by about a year of sleepless and sexless nights with a newborn.

Call me uninspired, but I don't know how our species has lasted so long.

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