Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time for Thankful

It's been a tough week.  Mike and I are trying to sort out so much for the arrival of Poppy Seed, and we're both tired, sad, and stressed.  I get so tired during the day, but by the time I'm getting into bed the worries start to smother and I can only sleep four or five hours.  It's put both of us on edge, and I sobbed through the night on Thursday.

We tried to go out for a date on Friday, but between my sensitive stomach and our new budget it wasn't so awesome.  I was sad, Mike was sad.  We couldn't pull off the small talk at first, but as dinner went on we were able to talk about some of our worries and hold hands and offer support.

I'm tired of being sad and stressed and overwhelmed.  Fighting my anxiety with blogs showcasing other people's happy families isn't enough.  This weekend I'm focusing on being content.  There are flowers on the table, the floors are getting cleaned, and we'll be writing our blessings down as a reminder of what we have.  I'm finding a counselor, because Mike shouldn't be responsible for my stress, and friends just keep saying, "none of this will even matter in 8 months" (which is true, I'm told, but doesn't do a damn lick of good right now).  Things are getting better.

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