Monday, August 27, 2012

The Return from Michigander


I'm counting this day as my true return from vacation.  Unfortunately.  It was the real deal - alarm clock at the early hour, hurried breakfast, drive/walk commute, and 150+ emails at work.  (My heart hurt to see the signs of autumn looming this morning, too; darker skies, cooler temperatures, leaves with more-than-a-twinge of orange and red...... and a back to school email from my program.)

Vacation was great!  My first time to Michigan in the summer.  We camped for five days, spent a day in Detroit at a baseball game, visited with family, played phone tag with our lender, and tried to find some time for taking it easy.

Highlights: avoiding computers, sunshine, sand dunes, sister-in-law pregnant belly, TWO birthdays, wine tasting, and making out to the sunset.
Lowlights (I'm sorry, I just have to get it out): no sex because family was ALWAYS around, sleepless nights that made some days groggy and overwhelming, and flying home alone. 

Mike stayed on in Michigan for a few extra days to do a fantasy football draft with his long-time and much-beloved friends, and to take care of some loose ends in the GR.  I've been home by myself since Friday, and will get to spend next weekend with an empty house, too.  The theme of this blog, Dear Reader, is a close three way tie between "buying houses is hard and stressful!", "Mike is awesome and I love him so much (and I have pictures!)", or "I'm damn sick of spending the summer home alone".  Meh.

At any rate, I have nearly 250 digital photos, and close to 40 film shots to go through over the next few days.  I'll surely have some happy to process, as well!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not Chaos!

Well, that's a little bit of a lie.  Chaos, kind of.  Actually.

I just got a call from the owner of a cute B&B in New Orleans where I'll be attending a conference on community foundations in September.  He was very frantic, wondering whether I was still planning to arrive tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  I had to listen to his message twice to be sure that I'd heard it correctly.

Ack!  So sorry!  Unfortunately, with the time difference I wasn't able to get a hold of him, and I hope that he hasn't lost any money because of my lack of attention.  (Boo.)

We're making progress on buying a house! 

Buying! A! House!

This all feels too grown up, and I'm still half-convinced that it will all fall through, that we'll be out $900 worth of home inspections, and that we'll just have to keep putting up with the landlord's lameness. (In the chance that it DOES all work out, however, I've spent plenty of time on Craig's List and Ikea, nailing down the details.)

********sigh*********  Time for a beer.