Wednesday, July 18, 2012

News! And news!

This morning I woke up to this:
Google had release a street view of Antarctica.  I was enchanted.  A few years ago I had heard a story on NPR about a woman who had lived at the McMurdo station cleaning the scientists' rooms.  The whole story was so dreamy and surreal, and I wanted to go to there.  While in New Zealand a couple of years later, I met an American guy who had just returned from six months there with $10k in the bank, and I REALLY wanted to go to there.  Alas - it didn't happen.  (But it still could.)

And then there was this guy! He saw the Northern Lights, in my part of the world! The world is full of miracles (like magnets).

Also, it's just a few days till our wedding anniversary.  The first one!  I'm going to make a mini version of our wedding cake.  We should probably have some other plans, but with school and Monday night celebrating, we might keep it kind of tame.

ALSO!  We now have a realtor, and are pre-approved for a home loan.  The house hunting begins in earnest this weekend!  La la la.

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