Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Alone

Mike is gone this week with the middle schoolers on their week long camp.  It's so weird to come back to an empty house, and wake up to an empty bed.  I'm sleeping with the hockey stick next to me, just in case.

While he's gone, I've been working feverishly to contact real estate agents and lenders, getting quotes and information so that we can be ready to explore once he's back in town.  I've been dreaming about houses consistently for the last two weeks.  Fingers crossed that we'll make wise choices with all of the things that are in motion.  Yay!  Aaaa!  (Also, eeeee!)

And now, I'm off to try and sleep in my sad, sad bed.  I get it, now, what Double En was saying about becoming so accustomed to one's partner.  I used to sleep alone every night, no problem.  For years!  (Nearly 30!)  Now, I'm half-way to being a wreck in the morning.  Soothe yourself, paranoid brain.  G'dnight!

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