Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Home

We're moved in!

It's officially been a whole week since Mike and I got the keys to the new house.  That we own (us, and the bank, I mean).  We had a whole 48 hours to pack everything up, go to work, move our whole life with two station wagons and a truck  and clean the apartment - and we did it!

The house feels so big and empty sometimes.  I've been so used to living with neighbors or roommates within 10 feet of my living spaces that this much square footage is overwhelming.  What do we even do with THREE bedrooms??  And a basement?  (People tell me to have babies.  Or get a dog.)

Having all of our stuff scattered around the house in boxes has been putting me on edge - just enough that I haven't been sleeping deeply, and I have this baseline irritation whenever I'm home.  An IKEA trip yielded curtains for all of the windows, and I think that once we have our bed off the floor and have moved some stuff into closets I'll start to feel better.

In the meantime -!!!
Some photos of days past:


The brother


Jumping through the beach


The colors of Oregon


Prep for dinner

Life is good.  I'm looking forward to getting out in this autumn and putting some of it to film.  Much love!

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