Sunday, September 16, 2012


Oh, my - it has been too long!

So much has been going on these last two weeks.  While I did, in fact, develop photos and download the digitals to process and present, life went a little bit bonkers and so much fell to the wayside.

We just got back from five days in New Orleans, where I had a conference to attend for work, and Mike wandered around and enjoyed himself.  Actually, we both enjoyed ourselves.  We had the weekend to explore, hear music, eat food, drink too much booze, and walk until our legs ached.  Photos, soon, promise.

Flying back to Portland on Wednesday night, we had a full day to unpack and reorganize before beginning the process of CLOSING ON THE HOUSE!  It's not totally done yet, but we've signed a million signatures, handed over the contents of our savings account, and are now waiting patiently for everything else that needs to happen.  Technically, we were supposed to have closed already, and should have spent this weekend moving, but it will all work out.  (Because it has to.)

Mike is going through the rather intense last few steps of becoming ordained this month.  This morning he leads the service at church, preaches, and is evaluated.  He's nervous and I'm having sympathy nerves, and I'm praying to the baby Jesus that this morning will go smoothly. 

I'll be back with photos, and a new drinking game.  Soon, puppies.  Soon.

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