Saturday, June 23, 2012

LateNight EarlyMorning

After nearly a year at his job, Mike finally has some Friday evenings off.  I had grown used to coming home at the end of the week and either catching up with a friend or having some introvert recovery time, so we were both a little unsure of how to plan a Friday night again.

In the end, we ate tortellini, Texas toast, and drank mojitos (confused/international meal), watched the Empire Strikes Back, and giggled while making out.  I love Friday!

We've also been talking about saving up for a house, and this week's meeting with a home buying consultant confirmed that we're in a good place to do so.  Mike's too distracted to think about it, but I'm finding myself obsessed.  There are only a handful of houses at any given time that are in our price range, within a reasonable commute, and not fugly.  Let me tell you - I have plans for them all.  Paint colors, flooring plans, giving family directions for Thanksgiving dinner.... what have I become?!

I'm a monster. 

I need a hobby.
Maybe I should open an Etsy store?

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