Sunday, January 22, 2012

New blog

Hooray!  My first post on a new blog.  I haven't had a blog since, apparently, 2005 when I had nothing to write about except "normal life."  And, really, "normal life" writing was really just trying to get an old boyfriend to give me the attention as an ex that he never gave me during our relationship.

It was a sad life, but it seems to be that it's just how things went when one is (a) 22, (b) dating a 30-year-old, (c) sensitive/accommodating, and (d) REEEELLY really wanting to make things work.

At any rate, I'm back to blogging again!  At the age of 30!  (I will not be dating any 22-year-olds, by the by.  I'm happily married to my own fabulous 30-year-old HeMan/Hulk/Wolverine/Seriously Awesome man.)

Starting a blog is on my list of Things To Do in 2012.  Also on this list?
*Start an MBA program (check)
*Take more pictures (in process)
*Spend more time with my nieces and nephews
*Spend more time with my brothers and sister
*Backpack for a few days with my lover
*Make food for sweet friends and beloved family
*Try something new and scary

I think that last one might be a dual accomplishment with starting this blog.  I feel sheepish and a little strange, but LET'S GET THIS STARTED!

<3,  -Missi

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